Our Flavours

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The Menu

Schapelle’s Stash

Choc full of hidden herbs! Our fresh mint slice

Matcha Lychee

Topped with white chocolate sauce and Japanese puffed rice (Gluten Free)

Vienesse Coffee

Need to wake up? Delicious continental coffee and cream combo (Gluten Free)


Crunchie honeycomb and delicious chocolate sauce (Gluten Free)

The Golden Ticket

A toasted nutella brownie for the chocoholics

The Donald

It’s a lemon meringue….It’s YUGE It’s also amazing!

Morning Glory

Our version of the all day breakfast with blueberry yoghurt and crunchy oatmeal

The Godfather

Triple chocolate sprinkled with a combination of crushed maltesers, milk choc chips and a tim tam.

50 Shades Of Grey

Decadent and titillating cookies and cream

La La Land

Decadent and titillating cookies and cream

Cherry Ripe

Classic combination of juicy cherries, toasted coconut and dark chocolate

The Red Wedding

Strawberry Pavlov, crunchy, bloody, messy and wonderful

Uptown Funk

Raspberry Cheesecake, a taste of Manhattan right here in Bali

Nuts About You

Nutty gooey frozen snickers bar

Banofee Pie

Fresh local bananas, homemade toffee and cream

Ranked #1 On Trip Advisor

We are currently still Rank #1 on Trip Advisor for The best Dessert in Bali!

Created By Our Internationally Awarded Chef Team

Samuel Wilkes

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Samuel has more than two decades of culinary experience across Australasia, Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

Joana De Oliveira Wilkes

Born in Macau SAR, Joana’s passion for food was ignited during her tourism studies in Luzern, Switzerland. Joana went on to pursue her career in hospitality and food and beverage.